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CHRIS CASTILLO – a Heartfelt Testimonial 

By Commander David Newing Royal Navy (UK) (retired) LVO 

Former International Secretary-General of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

This book is an intriguing and unique new approach to practical entrepreneurship and business education.

It combines the author’s lifetime entrepreneurial and business experiences with both enjoyable humor, fascinating business insights and wisdom. This could only have been envisioned and written by such a unique, brilliant, insightful and humorous entrepreneur and business Professor as Chris Castillo.

Shortly after I arrived in Canada from the UK, after a career spanning 20 years in the British Royal Navy and 10 years as International Secretary-General of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a youth development International program, I was fortunate enough to secure a rare $20 Million start-up funding from Canada’s two largest banks – CIBC and the Royal Bank.  The funds were used to establish the Canadian Youth Business Foundation – Canada’s leading Youth Business Mentoring and Financial Supporting Agency now called Futuepreneur Canada.  

After this leading-edge youth business program was started, it received exceptional early success. I was asked by the Canadian Federal Government to carry out a Nationwide survey of Entrepreneurship Education across Canada.

One evening one of my team of young researchers, Gareth Spanglett called me very excitedly and told me he had just discovered the very best and most talented entrepreneurship educator in Canada – Chris Castillo – based at that time on the West Coast of Canada in BC.

Our report went into the Federal Government and most strongly endorsed Chris as Canada’s number one Entrepreneurship Educator. Shortly afterward Chris and his family moved to Ottawa where he became the leading Entrepreneurship Educator at Algonquin College rapidly rising to his current well-deserved position of “Entrepreneur in Residence”.

Chris also continued to develop his increasingly successful social enterprise – aptly named “Master Entrepreneur® International” of which he invited me to join him as Senior Advisor.

We became firm friends and over the many years I have known him, I have become increasingly amazed by his unique business and entrepreneurial talents.  In addition, I am also amazed at his ability to inspire everyone he meets with his very practical insights, humor, and wisdom.

Chris is the co-author of “Small Business: An Entrepreneur’s Plan”, one of the most widely used reference book for entrepreneurship and business education in Canada’s Colleges and Universities.

He is now following this remarkable success by this highly unique new book of business wisdom and humor- a highly enjoyable page-turner combining easy to read humor with his insightful wisdom

So – just sit back as I did and enjoy the ride with this easy to read book of anecdotes, humor, and wisdom!

Commander David Newing, Royal Navy (UK) (retired) LVO 

Former International Secretary-General of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Social Entrepreneur

Former Professor Algonquin College Business School – Ottawa       

Founder of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (Futurepreneur Canada)

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